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Re-refining industrial oils & waste to create best-in-class products and a more sustainable world.


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Helping business be carbon neutral

With sustainability high on the agenda for many businesses, you can rely on Hydrodec to recycle your industrial transformer oil in our patented, environmentally sustainable way and reduce your carbon footprint by generating Carbon Credits in exchange for your oil. From our state-of-the-art facility in Canton, Ohio, we treat used transformer oil to remove all detectable levels of PCBs with near zero emissions and industry-leading recovery rates. This produces SUPERFINE™ oils, which meet or exceed all relevant international standards.

Near zero emissions
PLUS industry-leading
recovery rates greater than:


The only place you need to recycle your industrial oils and transformers & electrical equipment.

  • Help your business become more carbon neutral with Carbon Credits
  • SUPERFINE™ oils meet or exceed all relevant international standards
  • World’s first carbon neutral transformer oil

The Difference is Clear

The Difference is Clear

about hydrodec

The cleanest, patented tech on the planet

We apply our proven, proprietary tech to re-refine used and contaminated waste oil creating SUPERFINE™ transformer oil and naphthenic base oil. We developed this process to target the multi-billion dollar, worldwide market for transformer oil used in electricity generation from our plant at Canton, Ohio, US. Our process delivers very high recovery rates (>99%), producing transformer oil that tests ‘better than new’ at a competitive cost and without environmentally harmful emissions. The process also completely eliminates PCBs, a toxic additive banned under international regulations.

industry leaders

Total control from start to finish

At Hydrodec, we can remove, collect, transport and process used non-PCB and PCB-contaminated naphthenic-based transformer oils from power utilities, electrical maintenance companies, used oil collectors and other sources. The used oil can be drained directly from transformers on site or from storage tanks at service facilities. In compliance with EPA regulations, this used oil is then transported by a licensed carrier and processed by our proprietary technology.

Our field teams can provide a full onsite service and are fully trained for work in high voltage electrical plants. We are industry leaders in the recycling of high voltage equipment, recovering maximum amounts of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. 

hydrodec products + services

SUPERFINE: Better than new

We re-refine, market and distribute premium quality SUPERFINE™ oils, which meet or exceed all relevant international standard for unused transformer oil. They have been tested and are accepted for use in new transformers and electrical appliances.


Through our proprietary process, we re-refine, market and distribute premium quality naphthenic base oil. This high quality base oil is suitable for use in ink and lubricant manufacture and a wide variety or other specialty applications.

SUPERFINE Dielectric

This top of the range SUPERFINE dielectric oil is for use in the cooling of electrical equipment from crypto mining to battery packs. It is highly durable and effective in numerous applications.

recycling partners

Cleveland Industrial Recycling

Our partners at Cleveland Industrial Recycling (CIR) are experts at safely and efficiently removing, replacing and recycling heavy industrial and electrical equipment.

With extensive experience across a wide range of industries, including Utilities, Demolition Chemical and Steel, CIR have the know-how to make sure your project is managed on time and on budget.

For a competitive price on scrap metal, contact CIR today on 440.992.3783

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