Our Strategy

Our Business Model

Our re-refining business model is founded on:

  • Proven proprietary technology;
  • Integrated value chains to secure the supply of competitively priced feedstock;
  • Advantaged locations in the USA and Australia with proximity to markets;
  • Defined sales channels to a globally short market for transformer oil; and
  • The availability of attractive margins from the sale of high quality transformer oil.

Our Strategic Priorities

In operating our business model, our strategic priorities are:

  • Safe, reliable and compliant operations – We are focused on maintaining safe and healthy working conditions for our employees and for the communities near to our operations, on protecting the environment and on promoting a lower-carbon future.
  • Organic growth – Our priority is to drive returns and organic growth through profitable US and Australian transformer oil re-refining businesses. In the short term, our focus is on maximising the production and sale of transformer oil into the US market from Canton and the volumes processed under our outsourced tolling arrangements in Australia.
  • Rigorous focus on delivery – We will drive performance, efficiency and growth through a rigorous focus on health & safety, operational performance, financial management, and delivery.
  • Exploiting future market opportunities – The US$2.79bn global market for transformer oil by 2020 offers a significant market opportunity to scale and replicate our re-refining operations in existing and new markets, both directly and through the licensing of our technology.
  • Risk reduction / value-chain consolidation – Our priority is to deliver business growth through our proven technology, with a specific focus on risk reduction through partnership, collaboration and integration along value chains.
  • IP Protection – We are focused on protecting and securing appropriately our proprietary technology and intellectual property.

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